Why do our clients hire us to handle their pipeline inspection and construction management needs?

They want experience.

Not just years of experience. A broad range of experience in looking at the bigger picture. Specialists that ensure the details are dealt with.

Our clients want communication.

  • Daily progress reports with just the right amount of detail.
  • Alerts to anything that may impact budget, safety or the deadline.
  • Periodic summary reports
  • Post-project documentation including:
    • As-builts drawn with CAD software and input from GPS.
    • One of the most accurate GPS systems available. You know where your equipment is.
    • Material Test Reports in a searchable electronic format.
    • "Job Book" which includes the details needed to support you in the event of a DOT audit

Our clients want a proven system for managing their construction project.

  • Permitting to post-construction facilities management.
  • Pipeline construction inspection and project management.
  • Compressor station construction inspection and project management.

Pipeline vs. Compressor Station Project Construction Management

We know some people question whether or not a good pipeline construction company can also do compressor station construction. Or whether the reverse is true. The key is in the management - our experience helps us select the right people to have on a given project, recognizing that each type requires many of their own specialists.

GR Construction Management has the experience to know who is a best fit by project type.

List of Services

Need a company to handle your entire project or just parts of it? We can manage your pipeline or compressor station construction project from start to finish. We also offer a comprehensive list of services so that you can select just the services you need.

  • Right of Way Route Selection - We understand that the shortest distance between two points may not be a straight line. With onsite observation and consultation working with survey, environmental and your landman we'll help shorten the project.

  • Permitting - We can obtain your local, state, and federal permits.

  • Pre-Construction Bid Process
    • Bidding - Accurate bidding comes from accurate detail. We can produce a detailed scope of work for bidding purposes.
    • Reviewing drawings for construction needs
    • Assistance in bid meetings and review of bids for recommendations

  • Inspections -
  • We can supply individual inspectors for specific assignments.
    • Pipeline inspectors
    • Welding inspectors
    • Instrumentation and Electrical (I&E) inspectors
    • Compressor staion inspectors
    • Utility inspectors
    • Chief Inspectors with a complete crew for larger projects.

  • Pressure Testing (Hydrotesting) Hydrostatic and Pneumatic
  • For more information go to our Pipeline Hydrotest Information Page.
    • Water
    • Air
    • Nitrogen
    • Line filling
    • Dewatering

    To download a PDF flyer about hydrotesting click here.

  • Surveying - Utilizing state-of-the-art GPS survey equipment our experienced, certified surveyors can create one of the most accurate survey reports in the industry.
    • We use CAD technology to develop the best as-built for tracking purposes to meet regulatory standards.
    • Our survey crews work directly with the inspections staff to keep accurate as-built information.
    • Line Locating - We can locate existing lines for peace of mind and for safe excavation. We link this information to our GPS equipment for mapping of your older lines.

  • Asset Management - We maintain your project records:
    • Material Test Report (MTR) tracking via electronic scanning and searchable database.
    • Project cost tracking and reporting.

  • Post-Construction Operations - We can assist you in post construction operations of both your pipeline and your construction station until your staff is ready.

  • Consulting - GR Construction Management provides critical consulting services for every phase of construction development. Our team of professionals works with you in the following areas:
    • Bid Phase Management
    • Cost Estimating & Evaluations
    • Construction Design Reviews
    • Inspection and Quality Assurance
    • Change Order Analysis